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Topic : Heaviest ever sumo wrestler gives diet advice
2020호 7면
TITLE : Heaviest ever sumo wrestler gives diet advice

Heaviest ever sumo wrestler gives diet advice

Sumo's heaviest ever wrestler urges others to keep eating habits ...



The world's heaviest ever sumo wrestler has given health advice to other wrestlers. The wrestler's fighting name was Orora. He is from Russia and his real name is Anatoly Mikhakhanov. He weighed 292kg before he retired in 2018. Orora has warned other wrestlers to take better care of themselves after the death of a 28-year-old sumo wrestler earlier this year.

Orora told the Asahi newspaper that Japan's sumo wrestlers should eat less. Sumo wrestlers are famous for having enormous appetites and for eating a lot. Orora said it was time for wrestlers to think more about their diet and reduce their calorie intake. He said: "It's never easy to stay healthy as long as you're living the life of a sumo wrestler."


Orora told reporters that a sumo wrestler's lifestyle can be unhealthy. He described how he put on so much weight. He ate two huge meals a day. He had a daily diet containing over 7,000 calories. He said he used to eat 200 pieces of sushi and drink a crate of beer in one sitting. He also ate extra bowls of rice when other wrestlers offered them to him. His diet led to hypertension and fatigue.

He said: "I would lie down and nap right after eating, which wasn't good. Just walking or moving was really troublesome." The Japan Sumo Association has published 10 health guidelines for wrestlers. It said they should eat fish and vegetables, in addition to meat. They should also chew food properly and avoid snacks.


Source : BreakingNewsEnglish



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enormous - very large in size, quantity, or extent.
appetites - a natural desire to satisfy a bodily need, especially for food.
hypertension - abnormally high blood pressure.
troublesome - causing difficulty or annoyance.