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Hi, I'm Teacher Rowena but you can call me Wena. I graduated with the Bachelor Degree of Secondary Education Major in English. After I graduated, I worked as a Private Teacher. I handled elementary and high school students. Also, I worked as an Online Teacher for almost 2 years where I handled kids, teenagers and adults. I can say that my experiences are my learning and those experiences lead me to be a good teacher.
When I was young, I was too shy. I would barely utter words outside of my family. Now, I make up for it by being as loud and outspoken as I can be. I believe that teaching is a great thing that can change the world. Also, I enjoy hearing my students explaining in their own words, what they learned in a particular lesson and watching them participating in class. I want to provide a fun and a student centered learning environment. I make sure that every student knows that they are worthy, by listening to and caring for their needs. I hope to see you in my class. Let's have fun and learn together. See you! :)
Hello everyone. My name is Stella. My hometown is in Manila. I took up Education in University. I’m jolly, active, and friendly too. I like chatting with friends and working with co-workers as well. I love to listen to good music to relax my mind. I am fond of traveling and trying foreign cuisines. I enjoy teaching English and sharing knowledge to students. It is a good chance to teach and communicate with people in English like Koreans because it enables me to discover their culture. I believe that getting better at English can only be achieved if you give your best when learning it. So when in class, I think the most important advice I can give to students is to always have that great confidence in them and keep in mind that there is no learning without remembering.
I have been teaching Koreans since 2009. I have taught them offline and online as well. From those teaching experiences, I have become more communicative with the English language. I have learned to be adapted to their speaking as well as their learning styles. I have adjusted to their English needs. I have experienced teaching younger Koreans, (elementary to high school students) the university students, and the adult students. It has been a good experience to teach Koreans because you have the chance to learn their culture. More than teaching them, it is more of understanding their needs when it comes to learning English.
Hello! My name is Shiela Mae but you can call me Shiela for short. I graduated from AMA Computer University in Manila. I have been fascinated by English since I was young so I decided to take up Bachelor of Arts in English in college. I am fond of reading books and watching films in English. I am also into writing random thoughts in my journal during my spare time. Hearing people talk in English is like music to my ears. That's why I couldn't contain my excitement when I first got employed as a online English teacher.
I have been teaching since 2016. I have handled Korean and Japanese students. I am confident to say that I do not merely teach. I always make sure I do it passionately. Learning a second language is never easy. It requires a strong will and a whole lot of patience. With these, achieving fluency is never impossible for anyone. I want my students to not just learn but to also have fun in my class. My first goal is to make them feel comfortable because I truly believe that language learning doesn't have to be intimidating and boring. To my future students, see you in my class!
Hi! I'm teacher Ruth from Happy English. I'm friendly, kind and very approachable. I took Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. I've been teaching English for five years now. I've taught all levels of students from kindergarten up to senior students.
I love listening to instrumental music because it makes me feel relax. During my free time I also play violin. I enjoy playing hymnal songs to glorify God. I enjoy learning new things because I believe that learning never stops. It's from cradle to grave. I'd love to meet you in my class so we could learn more from each other. Thank you and have a great day!
It has always been my passion to teach. So, I took up secondary education in the University of Manila and majored in English. Actually, I’ve been teaching English to students of various ages for years now. Most of my students are Koreans, Japanese and Chinese. My lessons are mainly English grammar, writing and listening skills, comprehension skills and the speaking skills. This experience taught me a lot of things which I would be glad to share with you, but always remember, there is no elevator to success, and you have to take the stairs. Step by step you can achieve your goal, no need to rush.
I started teaching Korean and Japanese students after I graduated in university. That was in 2006 until 2010 at the academy that the university where I graduated (The University of Manila) founded. While still working in that academy, I also work online from 2010 to 2011, but at that time my students are all Chinese. Then after a year of working in that company, I moved in Happy English. I have been working here since 2011.
Greetings everyone! It is with great humility and pride to introduce myself to you. I am Teacher Riza of Happy English, and welcome to my profile. Way back 2017, I graduated from one of the local universities here in the Philippines. Prior to my graduation, I started teaching online and I had to know more Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean people. In my early years, I exposed myself to foreign people and that pushed me to learn more and get my language certificate as my key to open the door for good opportunities overseas. Definitely, I've been dreaming to extend my skills and train more learners who are willing to study and enjoy learning with me.
Let's learn together! I'm here to help you comprehend difficulties and seek for more challenges that will nurture your skills in speaking, reading and writing. It's my joy to touch many lives and be part of one's growing intelligence. Join me in my class and let's discover the beauty of English!
Hi! My name is Karen Mancio but you can call me Ren. I've been teaching as an English teacher for five years and got my teaching license in 2018. I first started teaching English to European students mostly Turkish students in 2014. It was my first job. Now, I am also working as an essay editor in an outsourcing company.
Back then, I am not that good at speaking in English. But through speaking English every day, I got better. That's why; I can attest that if you have the drive to learn anything, might it be a language and you continue to spend time honing it, you will eventually be good at it. There were times we would get frustrated because we made some grammar mistakes, but I realized that making mistakes was making us halfway to becoming better. So, believe in yourself, have a positive mind on your mistakes, and gain the confidence you need. Be part of my class and let's work together in improving your English
Hi! I'm teacher Princess but most of my friends call me Cess. I'm 27 years old. I took Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. When I have nothing to do, I listen to music, chat my friends, watch videos and movies and play with my puppy, Gaara. I love to travel and meet different people. I really want to get rid of my gloss phobia or speech anxiety so I joined English classes and trainings after graduating in high school. They help me a lot to boost my confidence. I started teaching English in language centers for Asians in 2007. I had a great experience because I met people from different countries such as South Korea, Japan, China and Vietnam. I got to learn their culture and lifestyle.
In 2008, I started to work online until 2015. It is amazing how technology helps people to communicate across the globe. As most people say, it is the modern way of learning. Although it is a bit different from offline teaching, I still enjoyed my experience with the company I work with. I decided to change my expertise so I work as real estate agent for two big developers. From here, I learned how to sell, to present information to client and to think like a businessman. I go back teaching English for Happy English in 2017. Teaching is my passion because it allows me to share and learn at the same time. I love it when my students appreciate me as a friend and a teacher. Meeting people inspired me to travel around the Philippines. Hopefully, I get a chance to go around the world. I am so excited to meet you my future students.
Welcome to Happy English! My name is Teacher Phoebe. I have taught Taiwanese, Chinese, and Korean students. Also, a few Colombian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Chilean, and Japanese students have enrolled, in both one-on-one and group classes (offline). My students engage in studying Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Conversation, Writing, IELTS Speaking, TOEIC Reading, and TOEFL/TOEIC Listening. My first teaching experience with Korean university students in 2008 made me teach again in 2012.
I'm the kind of person who loves visiting interesting places at least once a year here and abroad. I got to know more about Korean culture when I had the chance to visit Korea in 2010. Let's talk more about Korea when we meet. I'm looking forward to studying with you. See you!
Hi, I am teacher Pamela but you can call me Pam. I took up Bachelor of Science in Tourism management since I love travelling. I traveled in different places in my country as well as various countries abroad. I also have TESOL Certification which I took up after I finished my degree. I am the eldest among two siblings and growing up I am used in helping my sister in her studies. I have loved the English language since I was in High school and I received awards like "Best in English" and "Best in reading" but not in my wildest dream that I would end up teaching the language. As time goes by I enjoyed teaching students. I can't explain the fulfillment and joy every time the students learn something from me. It's something money cannot buy.
I have experienced teaching different kinds of Korean students from children to adult. I am confident to say that I am good in what I do which is teaching because I always give my best but it doesn't mean that I am perfect. I believe that there is always room for improvement and I don't limit myself with the learning that I have today. Since I am an easy going person I promote fun and interactive way of learning. I am also looking forward in acquiring new knowledge with my students. Let's have fun while learning, I hope to see you in class.
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