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According to Albert Einstein, it is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. I hope that I will be a motivation for you to discover the joy of learning. Hi, My name is Ally! I am a Licensed Professional Teacher and TEFL Certified. I graduated from the University City of Marikina and finished Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, majoring in General Education, and graduated Cum Laude.
I have been teaching the English language to beginners, juniors, and intermediates, including business English and TOEIC speaking, since 2019 which hones my professional skills in teaching the English language. I am confident that I could teach and help to improve your speaking and writing skills in English while having fun. I am here every step of your way! Come and join me in learning the English language in a fun, and exciting way! I hope to see you in my class!
Hello! I am Teacher Yara a graduate of Bachelors in Elementary Education Major in Special Education. A licensed professional teacher in the Philippines. A former Learning Integration Specialist and a teacher. Watching movies and Korean dramas are the things I do when I'm bored.
As a teacher, I believe that every student must have an equal opportunity to learn in a classroom where there is no discrimination but love for education. Learning the Universal language which is English is for everyone. But to be able to learn and be better it requires patience and dedication. As a teacher, I am patient and dedicated in teaching. In my class mistakes should never be feared as long as learning comes with it.
Hello! I'm Teacher Anne! I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. I grew up watching American TV shows and movies with my sisters and this is what I think enhanced my English speaking skills, but my love for reading and books honed my vocabulary more. I believe in the saying that "Reading brings knowledge and knowledge is power." These stories we read in books can inspire us to reach high, love deep, change the world.
I have been teaching English for a few years now and one of the few things I have learned is we all have different learning curves when it comes to understanding and comprehension. My passion for teaching helped me understand that each student is different and I am here to help you. I hope to see you soon!
Good day! I am Teacher April. I remember when I was younger, I used to play pretend and play as a teacher, I enjoy acting as a teacher to my imaginary students. I guess it stuck with me. In College, I studied Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, I also took a vocational course in English Proficiency.
I have been a Freelance English Teacher to foreign students since 2020. My first students were Japanese, but I also had a chance to teach Chinese and Korean students. I am teaching English because it makes me happy to help foreign students achieve their goal of learning and understanding a new language. I am an introvert, but it feels different when I am talking with my students during classes. I enjoy their company and the stories that they share make me feel I gained a friend online. I look forward to teaching you. See you in class!
Hello! I'm Teacher Bei. I'm a Licensed Professional Teacher, and I also have a TEFL certificate from the TEFL Professional Development Institute. In 2017, I finished my Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education. As an inquisitive woman, I am pursuing my Master's Degree in English Language Education. I've taught English offline and online since 2017.
As a language teacher, I believe every student has strengths and weaknesses; we should help them develop the skills they need to survive in this modern world. Therefore, I provide my students with techniques and experiences that allow them to build and develop these skills. I also equip my lessons with activities that cater to my student's learning styles and, at the same time, help them discover their best potential. In short, I will help my students learn the English language differently. Easily and interestingly. Hope to see you in my class
Hi! I’m Teacher Cess. Nice to meet you! I graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education. I've also taken my Masters' degree, majoring in Educational Management. I am a licensed professional teacher. I’ve been happily teaching English learners since 2018. My background includes teaching kids and adults of all levels. In my class, I talk about a variety of topics, such as TOEIC, IELTS, Business English, Basic English, and many more.
I'm here to help students develop their English skills for speaking, listening, and reading. I'll make sure you'll experience a fun and lively class with me. I incorporate different fun activities and games that make our class more entertaining and engaging. I’m excited to have a fun class with you! I am sure it’s going to be amusing. Talk to you soon!
Hi there! My name is Teacher Cherie and I'm from Cebu Philippines. I have a bachelor's degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, but life led me to a more exciting and fulfilling path which is teaching English. My passion and interests include traveling to new places, cooking, making crafts, watching k-dramas and of course teaching English!
I have been working as an English teacher to non-native speakers since 2014. After graduating from college, I have worked as an online English teacher for Japanese students and shortly after that, my family moved to Japan. I had the chance to work as an English teacher to young Japanese children in an International Preschool in Saitama, Japan. It was such an incredible experience! As a teacher in a foreign country, I learned a lot from my students, from the different challenges and victories that we experienced together. To summarize it, I realized that the most important thing in learning is to persevere and to have fun. Learning is a continuos process, it never stops and it has no deadlines! So don't be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. Don't give up! Lastly, nothing is too hard when you put your heart into it and when you try to have fun. I am hoping to see you in my class! Thank you.
Hi. My name is teacher Chloe. I have a bachelor's degree in Aviation Information System. During my free time I like to binge watch English movies which made me more interested in learning the English language.
I worked as a Customer Service before and has now been happily teaching English since 2021. My past experiences became my training ground as I pursued becoming an ESL teacher. I have taught both children and adults at various levels. In my class, I always make sure that students feel heard and understood. I also teach in a manner that encourage them to speak without the fear of making mistakes. Most importantly, I focus on my learners’ goals. I hope to see you soon!
Hello! I'm Teacher Claresse, a licensed professional teacher with TESOL and TEFL certifications. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education in 2015 and started working as an ESL instructor in the same year. I've taught diverse English learners, kids, and adults of all levels.
In my free time, I enjoy taking pictures of scenery and landscapes, and I sometimes spend my time painting. As a teacher, I desire to be recognized for my passion and effectiveness in teaching. I delight in seeing my students progress in their language goals, so I aspire to be a teacher who can help them unleash their creativity and confidence in speaking and using English. I look forward to seeing you in class!
Hi, my name is Coleen. Just a fun fact about me, my name means 'girl' in Gaelic language so whenever you see my name, you know what it means. I like to watch videos, movies, series, and anime. I am also interested in learning languages and the first language that I taught myself was Korean due to the influence of watching Korean dramas way back then. That is why I had this realization that aside from learning another language, why not teach English, too?
I'm a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. I've been an ESL teacher since 2016. I have taught English to Japanese and Korean students for all ages. I may have finished a different degree but that doesn't hinder me from sharing my knowledge and skills when it comes to teaching English. Learning a second language may be difficult but don't you worry, I am here to help and guide you with the course, plus making it interesting and fun! Looking forward to seeing you in my class!
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