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Teacher Susane's Sample Class- romelyn1님
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1. yoga or Yoga=[ yoh-guh ]

2. article=[ ahr-ti-kuhl ]

3. last=[ last, lahst ]

4. language=[ lang-gwij ]

5. old=[ ohld ]

6. table=[ tey-buhl ]

7. mixed=[ mikst ]

8.real=[ ree-uhl, reel ]

9. animal=[ an-uh-muhl ]

10. driven=[ driv-uhn ]

11. bicycle=[ bahy-si-kuhl, -sik-uhl, -sahy-kuhl ]

12. wall=[ wawl ]

13. cocktail=[ kok-teyl ]


1. yes i had dinner= Yes, I have eaten my dinner.

2. I had eaten fried pork= I had fried pork for dinner.

3. im page 51= Im on page 51

4. in october i have a flu= Last October I had a flue so I got an infusion.

5. i spoke= Yes, I've spoken Italian for many years.

6. I cant speak any language= I cant speak any other languages aside from Korean and English. 

7. Ive = yes, I have seen a real horse before.

8. I didnt ridden= I haven't ridden any other animals aside from horse.

9. last time was maybe it will August= The last time I had ridden a bicycle was last August.

10. Yes, Ive painted walls= Yes, I've painted walls for many years.

11. Do you know how to speak Italians?= Do you know how to speak Italian?

12. all of it= I like doing all of the household chores.

13. vacuum the house= I like vacuuming the floor.

14. vacuum= I like the sound of the vacuum.

HOMEWORK: ​Have you gone on a cruise?

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