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Today's Lesson: Let's Explore 4



Please study these words/ expressions

1. management =ma-nij-munt
2.trainee =trey'nee
3.corporation = ,kor-pu'rey-shun
4.mention = men-shun
5.applicant = ap-li-kunt 
6.criminal =  kri-mi-n(u)l
7.clown = klawn
8.attendant =u'ten-dunt

applicant = A person who requests or seeks something such as assistance or employment or admission
 Corrected Sentences 
> We do dutch-ball. = We did dutch-ball. 
> job = They are looking for a part-time job. 
> management trainee = She saw the management trainee. 
> She need a part-time job for now. = She needs a part-time job for now. 
> = Yes, it is. And they are looking for a part-time position. 
> It's not mentioned in the ad. 
> Because I like travel. = Because I like to travel. 
> He do magic and dance. = He does magic and  dance. 
> He fix the car.= He fixes the car.
> traveler = Tanya is a flight attendant. 
> She fixes sick person. = She cures sick people. 
> They give food for the customers. = They give food to the customers.
> We are chef. = We are chefs. 
> Harley is a salesperson.
> He is selling cars or something.
> He sells cars or something for customers. 

Homework:  If you had $50,000 that you had to spend today, how would you use it?


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