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Today's Lesson:  Let's Explore 2   


Please study these words/ expressions                    

board= [ bawrd ]
clothes= [ klohz ]
robe= [rohb ]
suit = [ soot ]
attire = [ uh-tahyuhr ]
rarely= [rair-lee]
stuffy= [stuhf-ee]

Attire : clothes, especially fine or formal ones. 
fond of : having a liking or affection for (usually followed by of)
go on diet ~

 Corrected Sentences 


> we bought my childrens =I bought toys for my children
> it is safe=for safety reason
> most famous place many people = Most famous places are crowded. 
There are many people in the most famous places
> we have jacket = We wear coat. 
> Experiment robe = We wear long white coat /lab coat
> safe = It is for my safety. It keeps me safe.
> I usually got meet buyer important=I usually wear formal attire when I attend an important meeting.
> Are you fond of ~ 
> My new clothes buy by my wife =  My wife usually buys new clothes for me. 
> my wife new clothes the size is wrong = My wife sometimes buy wrong size of clothes for me
> I want to change clothes = I want to change clothes but my wife wants me to go on diet. 
> once every three months 
> i'm feeling stuffy=I feel stuffy
> I don't attend a formal party


What is one life lesson you will never forget? 

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