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Teacher Mae's Sample Class- romelyn1님
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1. evening = [ eev-ning or ee-vu-ning ] 

2. video = [ 'vi-dee,ow ] 

3. chat = [ chat ] 

4. tennis = [ te-nis ] 

5. racket = [ ra-kit ] 

6. friends =[  frends ]


1. I'm fine.*

2. I go to my friend's house.= I went to my friend's house.

3. I go to playground.= My friend and I went to the playground.

4. I play many hours. = I spent my many hours playing with my friend.

5. I eat meat and rice.= I ate meat and rice.

6. Yes. = Yes, I do.

7. I don't know. = I don't remember.

8. Not = It is not.

9.No, he won't. They will be watch a play. = No, they won't. They will be watching a play.

10. Yes, she will. She will be washing clothes at home.*

11. Yes, she will. She'll be chat with her friends.= Yes, she will. She'll be chatting with her friends at home.

12. Yes, they will. They will be playing video games at home.= Yes, we will. We will be playing video games at home.

13. No, they won't. They'll be playing tennis this evening.*

14. Yes. = Yes, I have.

15. Yes, he will. He will be ice skating tonight.= Yes, he will. He will be ice skating with his friends.

HOMEWORK:  How do you keep in touch with your long-distance friends? How often do you see your long-distance friends?​

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