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Teacher Jenica's Sample Class- romelyn1님
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1.vobulaly= [vow'ka-byu,le-ree]

2. giv= [gift]

3. tumolow= [tu'mor-ow]

4. nek= [nekst]

5. leyni= [rey-ni]


1. ​I happy= I'm happy.

2. I had piano class and ballet class and piano class= I attended a piano and a ballet class today.

3. Your eyes= Your eyes are so big.

4. You were eat vegetables= You ate vegetables today.

5. is firefighter= Who is the firefighter?

6. I get some money= I got some money. 

7. Snow= I like snowy. 

8. Sunny= I think it will be sunny next week.

9. I watched Frozen one years ago= I have watched Frozen a year ago.​


HOMEWORK: ​ How to build a big snowman? 

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