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Teacher Janet's Sample Class- romelyn1님
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 1.Create= /KRI-eit/



 4.Porcupine= /'por-kyu,pIn /




​1 I ate delicious bread.=I ate some delicious bread.

2.Yes, I do.=Yes, I have. 

3.Yes.=Yes, it was.

4.I ate dinner ramen and kimchi.=I had ramen and kimchi for dinner.

5.I studying.=I was studying with my teacher.

6.They were using the computer OR They were on the   computer.

7.Was they..=Were they..

8.Was he feeding to his dogs?=Was he feeding his dogs?
9.No.=No, I'm not.​

HOMEWORK: ​Do you like to read animal stories and why?


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