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Teacher Zyra's Sample Class- media님
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Today's Lesson:  Let's Explore 2


Corrected Sentences

> I fine = I am fine.
> I want no computer= I want to use my computer

> Do you have plans on the weekend?

   -I go mother in law weekend = I will go to my mother-in-law on the weekend.

   It is her birthday.

> The cat sleep on the couch= The cat sleeps on the couch.

> I learning Englishy = I am learning English

> What am I doing now?

  - I am = You are teaching English to me.

> They are playing = They play soccer every day.

> They going to park every week =They go to the park every week

> He check his car every week = He checks his car every week

> They are attending Math = They attend Math class every afternoon.

> Jimmy is taking a bath every morning = He takes a bath every morning.

> They are travel abroad every year = They travel abroad every year.

> He read = He reads a book every night.



Please study these words/expressions:

1. law = / law /

2. couch = /kouch/

3. watches= /wochiz/

4. math= /maTH/

5. trav·el= /travəl/

6  takes= /tāks/

7. feed= /fēd/


What songs do you listen to when you feel happy and why?


The student is very participative in the class but has to practice speaking more and enhance pronunciation, grammar and tenses. 
He is opened for correction and has the dedication to learn more.
 Keep it up!

- Teacher Zyra


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